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Governments and corporations across the globe have collapsed, leaving humanity in a state of anarchy and despair. Life, as we know it, has ended. The world is a place of violence, corruption, and misery. The only things in life that are definite are yesterday, 6 hours ago… THE PAST!! The Apocalypse is upon us...

The world around us has become a battleground for various factions and groups, who fight for power, resources, and ideology. Some factions are ruthless and oppressive, while others are rebellious and idealistic. We have gone rogue and are working to establish an independent, safe community in this complex and unpredictable place, where loyalty is rare, and betrayal is common. The only chance for humanity’s survival is to find a way to restore order and justice. Only a few souls dare to embark on the journey that will be required to re-establish a sense of normalcy. We will face countless perils and challenges along the way.

Want to join us at The Colony? If you make it to the meet up location, board the bus, and we will try to get you there safely!!


Horror House is a FULL  SCARE, outdoor haunted attraction. Our Guests will be subjected to blood, guts, gore, and many other elements that are conducive to the scare theme. We cater to an audience that EXPECTS to be SCARED and INTIMIDATED. Our actors will use AGGRESSIVE tone, demeanor, and language which may not be suitable for all audiences. We make every effort to keep foul language from being excessive. A select few of our actors may touch our guests. Intentional touching will be limited to the areas of the body above the shoulders and below the knees. In some instances, our actors may use their full bodies to block the movement of guests. 

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